The Holy Ghost Is …
June 2019

“The Holy Ghost Is …” Liahona, June 2019

The Holy Ghost Is …

The Holy Ghost Is

1. One member of the Godhead. That means He works with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to help us. He is sometimes called the Spirit because He doesn’t have a body.

2. A gift that comes with baptism. After leaving the water, you will get a special blessing called a “confirmation” where you are invited to receive the Holy Ghost.

3. A promise from Heavenly Father. When you take the sacrament, you promise to keep following Jesus. In return, Heavenly Father promises the Holy Ghost will be with you.

Like a warm blanket around your heart. He can comfort you when you feel sad or scared.

Like an alarm that warns you of danger. He can guide you away from what will hurt you.

Like a gentle teacher. He can tell you what is true and help you remember what you’ve learned.

Like a messenger from Heavenly Father. The Holy Ghost can help you feel God’s love and understand what He wants you to know.

Like a sign helping you know where to go. As you make choices, He can help you stay on the path to eternal life.

Like a best friend who wants to be with you always! By making good choices, you invite Him to stay with you.