Strong All Week Long
July 2017

“Strong All Week Long,” Liahona, July 2017

Strong All Week Long

These youth share how the Lord blesses them as they take the sacrament and remember their covenants throughout the week.

young woman taking the sacrament

It’s Sunday night. That means tomorrow is Monday—back to homework, your job, football practice, piano lessons, and more. There’s certainly a lot to do this week! But you’ve got this. You can conquer your long to-do list this week.

Want to know how?

You’ve got spiritual strength on your side. Every Sunday, you can take the sacrament and renew the covenants you’ve made. As you do, you are promised that if you take upon you the name of Jesus Christ, remember Him, and keep His commandments, you will always have His Spirit to be with you (see D&C 20:77, 79). That means you can feel spiritually strengthened no matter what you face this week.

We asked some youth to share their experiences with the sacrament and how it has strengthened them as they remembered their covenants all week long. Check out some of their stories. Maybe you’ve faced similar things!

Always remembering the Savior helps me have courage in the face of difficult trials. Halfway through my senior year of high school, my family moved back to the United States, but I stayed in Australia by myself to finish the school year. After I visited them during a school holiday, I was flying back to Australia, and I felt incredibly lonely. However, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t alone; I never was and I never will be because the Savior’s Spirit will always be with me as I strive to follow Him. That was the greatest comfort I could have received in that moment.

Shannon S., 19, Sydney, Australia

When I hear the sacrament prayers, I remind myself that if I keep my part of my baptismal covenant, I can keep the Spirit with me. My week is a lot easier when I keep the Spirit nearby. For example, many students at my school use bad language and speak in inappropriate ways. Remembering my covenants helps me to ignore what I hear and even to influence some of my peers to stop speaking that way.

Jacob B., 14, Colorado, USA

At school there was a girl with a disability. Most people used that as an extra excuse to make fun of her. My friend and I were the only ones who tried to help her. Some days it seemed like the whole class teamed up against her. It was challenging to know how to react. I wanted to just walk away, but I chose to remember that she is a child of God and to think about how Jesus would treat her. I felt the calming effect of the Holy Ghost. I remembered that I could make a difference. Following the Savior’s example helped me a lot, and I knew everything would be OK.

In my baptismal covenants I am promised to always have the Holy Ghost with me if I act as the Savior would. I’m grateful to have felt that comfort and strength from the Holy Ghost.

Alexis L., 13, Kansas, USA

Knowing that I have covenanted to take upon myself the name of Christ gives me a sense of duty to follow Him, but it’s not always easy. One time at a group activity I saw a kid who didn’t have anyone to talk to. I felt like I should go talk with him. At first, I didn’t want to. I am not that great at putting myself out there to make friends. But remembering what Christ would do, I found the strength to make a new friend. As I was talking to him, I could feel the Spirit prompting me to ask questions and have fun.

Evan A., 16, Utah, USA

During the sacrament, I used to think about things like what I have to do in the week, things at school, or my friends. But then through Sunday School classes and the messages of our prophets, I began to understand the meaning of the sacrament. I now think about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, that He gave His life for us, paid for our sins, and suffered all things. That gives me the motivation every day to say, I can strive to be like Him and demonstrate the same love that He showed others. I can share the gospel with others. I can do something to be more worthy to enter the temple and to take the sacrament.

Alessandra B., 17, Santiago, Chile

The sacrament is a spiritual boost for the week. It reminds me of the covenants that I have made with my Father in Heaven, and it guides me through the week. It makes me think of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us, and that prepares me spiritually for the upcoming week.

One time I was stressed and frustrated, but when I took the sacrament and read the sacrament hymn, I was filled with the Spirit. I forgot about my stresses and focused on the Savior.

Brett B., 17, Colorado, USA

For me, taking upon myself the name of Jesus Christ means remembering that His Spirit can always be with us and that we must choose to do what is right. Once at a birthday party, my friends were drinking, and they offered me an alcoholic drink. I said no. Then one of my Church friends came and told them that we do not drink alcohol because of our religion. Remembering the Savior always brings the Spirit close to me and keeps bad things away from me.

Miguel C., 16, Paraná, Brazil

Taking the sacrament gives me a peaceful feeling and thoughts that convince me I can handle anything life throws at me. Last June, I was having a difficult time in my life. One of my best friends moved away, I was struggling with depression, and I had unrealistic thoughts about body image. One Sunday, I was taking the sacrament, and a flood of peace washed over me. I felt truly happy.

Olivia T., 14, Virginia, USA