Shining Your Light
July 2017

“Shining Your Light,” Liahona, July 2017

Shining Your Light

Liahona Magazine, 2017/07 Jul

I would like to tell you about two young girls I know who were shining examples in sharing the gospel. When our daughter Nellie was almost eight years old, our family lived in Switzerland. Nellie was excited to be baptized. Just before her birthday, we had family home evening with our friend Tina. Tina had been taught by the missionaries. But she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be baptized.

After our lesson we asked Tina to pray. Tina didn’t speak much English, so she prayed in Chinese. We didn’t understand her words, but we felt the Spirit when she prayed.

Later that night Nellie asked if she and Tina could be baptized on the same day. We didn’t know how Tina would feel about that idea. But we all agreed that Nellie should at least call and ask. To our surprise, Tina said yes!

Nellie and Tina were baptized that weekend. Later, Tina told us a wonderful story. She reminded us about her prayer at our family home evening. In her prayer she had asked Heavenly Father to let her know if she should be baptized. When Nellie called later that night, Tina knew that Heavenly Father had heard her prayer.

Our friend Jasmine was a good example to us too. Jasmine was 12 years old. Her family became our good friends when we lived in the Middle East. In her country, Church members can’t talk about the gospel with others. It’s against the law. But Jasmine decided she could share the gospel by doing what Jesus did. She could show love and kindness to others. Wherever Jasmine went or whatever she did, she tried to be like Jesus. She was a bright example to others.

Nellie and Jasmine show us how we can be examples of Jesus Christ. We can do this no matter how old we are or where we live.