I’m a Latter-day Saint
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“I’m a Latter-day Saint,” Liahona, Mar. 2008, 80

I’m a Latter-day Saint

Luz Yesenia Moreno Rivera, Colombia

When our son Nicolás was five, he went to one of the best schools in our city. The school is run by another church. Nicolás was accepted even though he wasn’t a member of that church.

One day one of the school and church leaders led Nicolás out of the chapel to ask him why he didn’t participate in the school’s religion.

Nicolás said, “I’m a Latter-day Saint.”

The man tried to convince Nicolás to change his mind, saying that all churches have truth and believe in Jesus Christ.

Nicolás replied, “My parents teach me to respect your church, but I like being a Latter-day Saint.” The man accepted this answer and didn’t trouble him anymore.

Nicolás is a good example, even to his parents, of following the example of Jesus Christ.