A Personal Testimony of the Savior
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“A Personal Testimony of the Savior,” Liahona, Mar. 2008, 60

A Personal Testimony of the Savior

Joyce Bowler, England

I suppose my baptism when I was a child of 11 years marked the beginning of my testimony of Him whose Church I was joining. Since then I have had a desire to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and live the principles of the gospel.

Gaining my testimony of Jesus Christ has been a gradual process and has been increased by active participation in the Church. I have often sensed of His great love for us through the beauties of nature, and this brings me a greater appreciation of Him. I have felt the Spirit witnessing to me as I have fasted and prayed and received answers to those prayers, knowing that Jesus Christ is the mediator between Heavenly Father and us. I have enjoyed a closeness to Him in my frequent temple worship.

Throughout my life my testimony has grown and been strengthened until today there is no doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ is the Son of God—my Savior and Redeemer. This knowledge brings me a quiet assurance and peace.