A Bucketful of Love

“A Bucketful of Love,” Liahona, Mar. 2008

A Bucketful of Love

Norma Ramos de Oliveira, Brazil

After a small accident, I have to use a cane, and I walk slowly. Stairs are very hard for me. At church I always felt scared of falling down the steps—until that Sunday when I heard a soft voice and felt a little hand holding mine: “Come on. I’ll go with you.”

I looked down and saw nine-year-old Gabriel’s confident smile.

“Very well!” I said. “From now on, you are my helper. Let’s go!”

No one sent Gabriel. He just saw a grandma needing help and presented himself.

Now each Sunday, Gabriel and I go down the stairs without fear.

I later told Gabriel’s parents: “It is not physical strength that makes me unafraid. It is the bucketful of love that he gives me each Sunday. Gabriel is a giant of kindness!”

Illustration by Dan Burr