Emilio’s Faith
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“Emilio’s Faith,” Liahona, Mar. 2008, 31

Emilio’s Faith

A deacon showed me—his bishop—what it means “to have faith to be healed.”

A few months ago, Emilio, one of the deacons in our ward, suddenly became very ill. The doctors were unable to diagnose what he had. Both he and his mother were scared because he was getting weaker and going downhill fast. His mother took him to the hospital several times but did not succeed in getting any answers.

Emilio’s mother brought him to the meetinghouse for a priesthood blessing. One of the members of the elders quorum and I, his bishop, had the privilege of blessing him, and he slept well for the first time in nights.

However, a few days later I learned that Emilio had experienced a relapse and was back in the hospital. Another brother and I quickly went to the hospital, where we were able to go into his room and visit with him. Thinking that Emilio would probably be discouraged by the downturn in his condition, I was especially uplifted by what happened next.

We talked about Jesus Christ, and I explained that the Savior has the power to surmount anything, according to His will. Emilio’s reply deeply touched our hearts: “Bishop, this is just another trial. I have faith that it will be over soon because I have faith in Jesus Christ.” We placed our hands on his head and again gave him a blessing.

After that night Emilio made an unbelievable and complete recovery. He was able to return to his daily activities and to church without difficulty.

Emilio had exercised the faith necessary for the Savior to perform the same kind of miracle He performed when He was here on earth. To me, Emilio is an example of those of whom the Lord said, “To some it is given to have faith to be healed” (D&C 46:19).

It is wonderful to have the privilege of exercising the priesthood in our lives and to know that we have a Heavenly Father, who loves us, and that through our faith in His Son, we can experience miracles in these latter days.

Illustration by Daniel Lewis