Counting My Blessings
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“Counting My Blessings,” Liahona, Mar. 2008, 66

Counting My Blessings

Maribel Loayza de Aranda, Argentina

I have now been a member of the Church for 15 years. Throughout these years there have been tests and challenges. But there are many, many more reasons to kneel down and thank God for His infinite love.

As the hymn says:

So amid the conflict, whether great or small,

Do not be discouraged; God is over all.

Count your many blessings; angels will attend,

Help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.

(“Count Your Blessings,” Hymns, no. 241)

Whenever I have the opportunity to, I declare that we can find joy in this life and a fulness of joy in eternity. I testify that God made it possible and that, thanks to the Savior, we can live with Them forever.