11 Really Short Stories about Sharing the Gospel
July 2023

“11 Really Short Stories about Sharing the Gospel,” For the Strength of Youth, July 2023

11 Really Short Stories about Sharing the Gospel

And how you can share it too!

young woman; kids praying

Illustrations by Book of Lai

Show How the Gospel Can Help

I was in class one day sitting next to my friend. We were getting ready to take an exam, and he told me he was really nervous. I felt that I needed to teach him how to pray. Then we both bowed our heads and silently prayed for help on the test. I’m grateful prayer could help calm my friend’s nerves.

Abigail, Uruguay

young man; youth visiting old woman

Minister to People in Need

We had an older woman in our ward who could not come in person to sacrament meeting because of health concerns. My father and I asked the bishop if we could take the sacrament to her house every week. Her husband, who was less active, started to take the sacrament too. Gathering Israel means we need to invite others to come closer to Jesus Christ. Ministering is a big part of it.

Shion, Utah, USA

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Invite to an Activity

I was riding a bike by a church when I saw lots of people there dancing. I called to a young man (named Courage) and asked him what they’d been doing. He said they’d been coming for classes called seminary. He told me there would be an activity at the church and asked if I’d go with him. Courage, as my friend, really changed my life by helping me know about the gospel.

David, Ghana

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Be an Example

I learn a lot by watching my older brother. I love video games and soccer, and, honestly, I would probably do those things all the time if it weren’t for him. He likes those things too, and a lot of the time we play them together, but he always makes time to grow and improve. I’ll never forget being invited to do drugs at school. I immediately thought of my brother and knew what he would choose; because I want to be like him, I made the right choice and said no.

Emilio, Tennessee, USA

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Help Others Feel Christ’s Love

During an FSY conference, I was feeling very alone. I prayed every day, hoping to feel the Spirit and love of Jesus Christ. After one of the talks, a young woman I didn’t know very well came up and gave me a hug. I felt Christ’s love in her hug, as if He were telling me He loved me.

Natalie, Chile

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Follow Promptings

One day I had a spiritual prompting that I should invite my best friend from school to a devotional. I wanted to ignore the prompting, but I finally sent her a text the day before. As we sat together at the devotional, I was nervous. But when the meeting was over, she had a big smile on her face. It was a reminder to me that God knows His children better than I do and that I should always follow promptings to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Eliza, Minnesota, USA

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Pray about What to Say

My sister and I are the only members of the Church in our school. People notice we are different and always ask questions. At first I was nervous to talk to them, but I prayed to be able to say the right thing, and they have listened and respected my choices.

Ruben, Norway

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Share Gospel Truths Online

For a goal, I went through Come, Follow Me and found scriptures and quotes to share on social media. I received several comments from people saying they felt the Spirit through my posts. Sharing the gospel can help others in ways we can’t imagine in the moment.

Raquel, Brazil

young woman; kids at school

Get Creative

In one of my school classes, we were reading a book that critiqued the Church. I knew I needed to speak up about the truths of the restored gospel. So I raised my hand. The teacher called on me, but I didn’t know what to say. For some reason, I started to sing the songs of the Articles of Faith. To my surprise, a profound reverence came over the room. Afterward there was less confusion, and my teacher and classmates treated class discussion and me with more respect.

Monique, Massachusetts, USA

young woman; family at home

Be a Light

When I was 15, I decided I would start looking for a church to attend. A few days later, I became friends with a girl at school who seemed to have a light about her. A couple weeks later, she invited me to her house. When I got there, her family invited me to join them for home evening. I became interested in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, mostly based on how happy my friend’s family was that evening.

McKaylie, Colorado, USA

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Share Out of Love

My cousin encouraged me to meet with the missionaries, I think, because she wanted me to enjoy the blessings she was enjoying at that time. I felt that my cousin and my friend, Enoch, loved me and wanted something good for me. It made me feel very comfortable coming to church.

Eric, Ghana