Fun Stop

“Fun Stop,” For the Strength of Youth, Oct. 2022.

Fun Stop

For The Strength of Youth Magazine, 2022/10 Oct

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Ancient Prophet, Modern Prophet

Though they were born over 2,500 years apart, President Russell M. Nelson and Jeremiah of the Old Testament actually have a lot in common! Can you decide who did what? For each item, circle whether it was done by President Nelson, Jeremiah, or both.

  1. Served as a prophet or apostle for over 40 years

  2. Served as a prophet or apostle for almost 40 years

  3. Wrote over 100 conference talks or chapters of the Old Testament

  4. Wrote between 50–100 conference talks or chapters of the Old Testament

  5. Taught the people about the gathering of Israel

  6. Was involved in a conflict with another nation

  7. Was a convert to the Church

  8. Had one son

  9. Was a prophet during the leadership of four different kings or presidents in his country

  10. Helped strengthen the Church in Asia and Europe

  11. Had close family members who were not very active in the Church

  12. Lived for a time in a foreign country

Remembering the Dead

Throughout Latin America, many people celebrate “El Dia de Los Muertos” in early November by remembering their ancestors.

One fun way you might remember your ancestors is by learning and sharing their stories. For instance, Thia learned that her Grandpa lost an arm while killing a lion that was bothering his town in Rhodesia in the 1920s, eventually losing his arm.

You can start by talking to your parents or grandparents about stories they remember, or you can set up a family history account at FamilySearch.org. If you learn any fun stories about your ancestors along the way, let us know at ftsoy@ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

Constellation Conundrum

On page 2, we learn about Laysa’s love of astronomy. Can you find the six constellations on the left in the star images on their right? Hint: Not all of them are facing the same direction!


Corn Maze

I wish we had a Liahona.

Val Chadwick Bagley


Ancient Prophet, Modern Prophet: 1. Jeremiah 2. President Nelson 3. President Nelson 4. Jeremiah 5. Both 6. Both 7. President Nelson 8. President Nelson 9. Jeremiah 10. President Nelson 10. President Nelson 11. Both 12. Both Constellation Conundrum: A. 3 B. 5 C. 6 D. 1 E. 4 F. 2