October 2022

“Connect,” For the Strength of Youth, Oct. 2022.


Kewa H.

11, New Zealand

young woman

Photograph by Kau’i Wihongi

I love living in New Zealand, where I’m close to my friends and family. One thing that I love to do is play basketball and other sports with my friends. New Zealand is fun because there are lots of nice beaches and farms with cows and sheep.

I show Jesus that I love Him when I pray and read the scriptures and when I use technology to do good things like learn more about Him. When I pray to Heavenly Father, I know He hears me. I chose to be baptized so I can be closer to Jesus and so I can have the Holy Ghost to help me. When I make good choices, I can have the Holy Ghost with me.

Serving and helping my family is one of the ways that I follow Christ. One way that I serve my family is by getting their breakfast ready and playing with my sisters. I’m also a follower of Christ when I’m a good example to my friends by using good, kind words and helping them to make good choices. It always makes me happy to follow the Savior.