Hard-Boiled Deception

“Hard-Boiled Deception,” For the Strength of Youth, Oct. 2022.

Home Evening Object Lesson

Hard-Boiled Deception

Using some eggs, you can teach your family and friends about truth.

For The Strength of Youth Magazine, 2022/10 Oct

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This morning, you decide, is an omelet morning. You hop out of bed and chop the veggies. You heat the frying pan. You crack the egg … and your little brother cackles with laughter.

“You did it again!” you groan. Yes, he boiled some eggs in their shells and then snuck them back in with the fresh eggs. It’s his favorite trick. If only there were a way to tell the difference between fresh eggs and hard-boiled ones. Why, that’d be almost as useful as being able to discern between “real” and “fake” information.

Object lesson time!

What to Do

  1. Set out some eggs, with at least one hard-boiled and one uncooked egg. Discuss with your family the problem of all the false information in the world today, especially online.

  2. Explain that in this lesson, uncooked eggs represent truth and the hard-boiled eggs represent deception. Now ask if anybody can tell, just by looking, which eggs have already been cooked. (Probably not.)

  1. Time to show the difference a little extra knowledge can make. Attempt to spin each of the eggs in front of you. Spin them on their ends vertically, like a top. The fresh eggs will fall over almost immediately, but the boiled eggs will keep on spinning! Once you know this simple truth, you’ll never be fooled again.

  2. Explain that the scriptures, the prophets, and the Holy Ghost can guide us to other truths that are just as useful in spotting deception in all areas of our lives. As you live the commandments and pay attention to the Spirit, you’ll be able to know “things as they really are” (Jacob 4:13) and spot truth among deception. This also allows you to study from the “best books” (and also to find the best websites, and news sources, and on and on) throughout your life.