They’re Waiting for Me!
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“They’re Waiting for Me!” Friend, November 2021

Written by You

They’re Waiting for Me!

I can’t wait to be baptized for my ancestors!

Giselle Mama & Halle

Hi! My name is Giselle Olivia. I was born in India. I love Jesus Christ. Only 2.3 percent of people in India are Christians. Yes, it is hard sometimes. But I know He helps me and guides me. And now the Church is building a temple in India!

I live in a beautiful city with millions of people. Among all the millions, there are six people I love the most: my mama; my little sister, Halle; my loving grandparents; my uncle; and my aunt. They are the most important people in my life.

This year we did some family history activities, and I learned about my ancestors. Mama said both the women and the men in my family had very long hair, just like me. Then she said one very important thing: my ancestors are waiting for me in the spirit world! She said that they are waiting to be baptized—just like I had to wait until I turned eight to be baptized. (By the way, I was baptized on my birthday! Cool, huh?)

Mama said my ancestors are in the spirit world. They don’t have bodies like me, so they cannot be baptized. So sad! That’s why we get to be baptized for them in the temple. I told Mama that once the temple is built in Bengaluru, and once I am old enough, I want to be baptized for them.

Bengaluru India Temple

I am so happy that a temple is coming to India! It is a great blessing because Mama cannot take us to the temples in other countries. They are very far away.

I heard that temple gardens have a lot of beautiful flowers. So I am excited to see the gardens when the temple is built. But most of all, I cannot wait to be baptized for my ancestors. I love my family, and I love my ancestors too.

Have you gone to the temple? How was it? I hope it was great!

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/11 Nov

Illustrations by Patricia Castelao