Tell Me an Adventure
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“Tell Me an Adventure,” Friend, November 2021

Tell Me an Adventure

Mother and Son

It was bedtime. But Sam wasn’t sleepy yet.

“Tell me an adventure, Mommy,” he said. “Tell me about when you were little.”

“OK,” Mommy said. She stroked his hair. She thought for a while.

“When I was little,” Mommy said, “we loved to build pretend towns. We made houses out of blankets and chairs. My brothers and sisters all had pretend jobs.”

“What was your job?” Sam asked.

“I ran the store. We made coins out of paper. You could buy food and newspapers. We loved playing together in our town.”

“What else did you do?” Sam asked.

“One time we built a zoo for our town. We used our stuffed animals.”

Sam held out his teddy bear. “Like this?”

“Just like that,” Mommy said. “People could come see the zoo.”

Sam snuggled his teddy bear. “Tell me more, Mommy.”

“We also wrote letters to each other. We put them in pretend mailboxes. Your uncle was the mailman. He brought the mail to our houses. It was fun to get letters.”


Sam wanted to write a letter! Maybe he could write one tomorrow.

“Sometimes we argued,” Mommy said. “But we said sorry and tried again. We learned to get along and have fun.”

“Like me and Ava,” Sam said.

“Yes,” Mommy said. “Just like that. You are learning to get along too.”

“That was a good story,” Sam said. “Will you tell me another adventure tomorrow?”

“Yes,” said Mommy. “I’ll tell you about when your daddy was little.”

Mommy kissed Sam. She tucked his blankets closer.

“Good night,” Sam said. Then he closed his eyes and thought about zoos and towns and paper coins.

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/11 Nov