Meeting the Prophet
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“Meeting the Prophet,” Friend, November 2021

Written by You

Meeting the Prophet

Meeting The Prophet

A few years ago, President Nelson came to my homeland in Puerto Rico. This was a great blessing. I had always wanted to see him. And I wanted the chance to meet him face to face. My mom said it would be hard because a lot of people would be in the meeting. I still had faith, and I prayed a lot to be able to meet him.

During his talk, I wrote him a quick letter. I had hope and faith that I would be able to give him my letter. After the talks ended, I tried to walk closer. He saw my little brother and came over to him with a big smile. Then he shook my hand! He told me, “You will be a great missionary.” I will always remember his words.

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/11 Nov

Illustration by McQuinn Belnap