Interview a Family Member
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“Interview a Family Member,” Friend, November 2021

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Interview a Family Member

Today you get to be a reporter, a detective, and a historian! Learning about your family helps you understand where you came from. So grab a recorder or a pen and paper and ask a relative some questions.

  1. Soccer

    What were you like as a child?

  2. Musical Instrument

    What were some of your favorite songs and types of music? Are they the same now?

  3. Hand

    What do you admire most about your parents?

  4. Arrows

    What is one thing you and I have in common?

  5. Food

    What was a normal family dinner like growing up? What were some of your favorite foods?

  6. Reading

    What is one scripture that helped you?

  7. Globe

    What world events had the most impact on you as a child?

  8. Various Illustrations

    What is your job and how did you choose it?

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/11 Nov

Illustration by Mitch Miller