Primary Buddies
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“Primary Buddies,” Friend, November 2021

Primary Buddies

Primary was more fun when Lizzie helped Abby.

“Be thou an example of the believers” (1 Timothy 4:12).


Lizzie used to think a lot of Primary songs were boring. She liked the ones about Jesus, but she felt too old for the playful ones. She’d usually slouch and mumble the words.

But not anymore. Now Lizzie sang all the songs as joyfully as she could. She sat up straight. She sang loudly. She had fun.

Because now, Abby was sitting next to her.

Earlier in the year, Lizzie and the other kids in her class had each been matched up with a new Sunbeam. It was their job to help their Sunbeam buddy feel more comfortable in Primary.

Abby was Lizzie’s Sunbeam buddy. They sat together in Primary. They sang together. Whenever they saw each other at church, they always waved or hugged.

Lizzie loved seeing Abby every Sunday. And she knew that Abby loved seeing her. Abby watched her a lot. When Lizzie sang loudly, so did Abby. When Lizzie folded her arms and sat reverently, so did Abby. It made Lizzie want to always be a good example.

Lizzie wanted Abby to love Primary. She wanted Abby to have fun and feel loved. They could learn about the gospel together!

Abby and Lizzie sat side by side, just like every Sunday. But today they were sitting on the stand in the chapel with the rest of their Primary. It was the Primary program.

Abby swung her legs and grinned up at Lizzie.

“It’s almost your turn,” Lizzie whispered. Each of the Primary children had a speaking part in their program. The older children, like Lizzie, read longer parts. The younger ones, like Abby, recited shorter ones. Lizzie had helped Abby learn her part.

“Just remember, be loud and clear for everyone to hear,” Lizzie said.

“You’re coming with me, right?” Abby said. She looked nervous.

“Of course!” Lizzie said. “I will be right next to you. You are going to do great.”

They stood and sang a song with the rest of the children. Lizzie remembered how she used to not like being in the Primary program. But with Abby, it was so much fun!

Next it was Abby’s turn to speak. Together, the two girls walked to the microphone. Lizzie helped Abby step onto a little stool. Abby froze. She looked scared.


Lizzie put her arm around Abby. She gave her shoulder a little squeeze and whispered, “In my prayers …”

Abby took a deep breath. “In my prayers, I tell Heavenly Father what I’m thankful for.” Her voice was confident and clear.

Abby smiled big, took Lizzie’s hand, and hopped off the stool. They sat down as other children stepped up to the microphone.

“You did so well, Abby!” Lizzie said.

“Was I loud and clear enough?” Abby asked.

“It was perfect!” Lizzie said. “I’ll bet they could hear you all the way in the back row!”

Abby wiggled happily and leaned against Lizzie. They listened as other children recited what they were grateful for.

“Hey, Lizzie?” Abby said. She pulled Lizzie down to whisper in her ear.

“I’m grateful for you!”

Lizzie smiled. “I’m grateful for you too!”

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/11 Nov

Illustration by Liz Brizzi