Winfred’s New Recipe
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“Winfred’s New Recipe,” Friend, July 2021

Winfred’s New Recipe

This story took place in Kampala, Uganda.

“We lived after the manner of happiness” (2 Nephi 5:27).

What could Winfred put in her recipe?


Winfred was helping Jajja (Grandma) make dinner.

Mmm, I love matoke,” Jajja said.

“Me too,” Winfred said. “It’s one of my favorite meals! I like the green bananas. And the peppers and tomatoes. But the best part is the sauce.”

“That’s because the sauce combines all the flavors into one,” Jajja said.

They kept cutting vegetables. Then Winfred sighed.

“Jajja,” she said, “how do you stay so happy all the time?”

“I try to,” Jajja said. “But I’m not happy all the time. Sadness is a part of life. Are you sad right now?”

Winfred nodded. “I miss Taata (Daddy), because he’s working far away. And I miss school, because we can’t go right now. And I miss my friends from church.”

“It’s OK to feel sad about those things,” Jajja said. “Life is not always easy. But when I’m sad, I try to follow my recipe for happiness.”

“Your recipe?”

“Just like I have a recipe for matoke, I have a recipe for happiness. Sometimes sadness is too big to go away right away. But often I find that my recipe is just what I needed to feel better.”

“What is your recipe?”

Jajja smiled. “Why don’t you see if you can figure out a recipe for yourself? Then you can tell me about it.”

That night when Winfred prayed, she knew Heavenly Father was listening. She realized that prayer made her happy! She got a piece of paper and wrote, Winfred’s Recipe for Happiness. 1. Pray. Then she went to sleep.

The next morning she read her Book of Mormon. Reading the scriptures made her happy too. She found her paper and wrote, 2. Read scriptures. Then she looked at the scripture she had opened to: “Believe in Christ” (2 Nephi 33:10).

Winfred added another note: 3. Have faith in Jesus Christ.

Winfred thought about how nice Jajja was to let her visit. Winfred found Jajja and said, “Thank you for letting me stay with you.”

Saying thank you made Winfred feel good. She wrote on her paper again. 4. Be grateful.

Then Winfred asked her neighbors if the younger children could come and play. She brought her little sister, Milfred, and her little brother, Alfred. When they were done playing, she invited the children to read with her. Jajja cut up a watermelon for everyone to share.

Later Winfred went to visit her friend named Happy. Together, they washed the dishes for Happy’s mother. Then they swept the floor. It was fun to help!

When evening came, Winfred helped her siblings with their homework. She studied the alphabet with Milfred. She helped Alfred with his math.

That night, Winfred talked to Jajja again.

“I feel much better today! I think I found my recipe for happiness.”

“Wonderful! Tell me,” said Jajja.

“Winfred’s Recipe for Happiness,” she read. “1. Pray. 2. Read scriptures. 3. Have faith in Jesus Christ. 4. Be grateful.”

“That is a marvelous recipe,” Jajja said. “But I think you may have forgotten something. What else made you happy today?”

Winfred thought for a minute. “Well, I had fun playing with the little children. And helping Happy and her mother. And studying with Milfred and Alfred. Wait … that’s it! Helping others is the last ingredient.”

“That’s right,” Jajja said. “Serving others is like the sauce—it combines all the other good things into one.”

“That’s a good recipe.” Winfred grinned. “I want to try it again tomorrow.”

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/07 Jul

Illustrations by Hollie Hibbert