Protect Yourself
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“Protect Yourself,” Friend, July 2021

Protect Yourself

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/07 Jul

You should treat all of Heavenly Father’s children with kindness and respect. You should also expect others to treat you the same way. If someone tries to harm you with words or actions, it’s not OK!

If you feel unsafe …

  1. Say no.You don’t have to do anything that feels wrong or makes you uncomfortable. It’s OK to say no.

  2. Listen to your feelings. The Holy Ghost gives us quiet warnings to help us stay safe. If you feel like something is wrong, don’t participate, and try to get away if you can.

  3. Don’t keep hurtful secrets. There’s a difference between a happy surprise and a hurtful secret. You should not keep a hurtful secret, even if you promised.

  4. Tell an adult you trust. If something bad happens or you feel afraid, tell someone who can help you right away, like a parent, teacher, or Church leader.

Who can you talk to when you have a problem? Write a list of trusted people here:

Illustration by Jennifer Bricking