Meet Eta from American Samoa
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“Meet Eta from American Samoa,” Friend, July 2021

Helping Hands around the World

Meet Eta from American Samoa

Meet Primary children helping others, like Jesus did.

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All about Eta


Age: 9

From: American Samoa

Languages: English and learning Samoan

Family: Mom, Dad, two brothers, and one sister

Goals and dreams: 1) Go on a mission. 2) Get married in the temple. 3) Graduate from college. 4) Take over her mom’s bakery.

Eta’s Helping Hands


Eta’s mom owns a dessert bakery on their island. Eta and her older sister, Talai, love to share with their teachers and leaders and with people who might be having a hard time. Sometimes they go for a drive with their mom and give cookies and other treats to people they see on the street. It makes people so happy, and it makes Eta and Talai happy to share. They get more joy from sharing food from the bakery than from eating it themselves! They are both learning to bake as one of their Children and Youth goals this year, so they always have treats to share.

Eta says, “I love sharing with others because it makes them glad, and it makes me glad. I know that’s what Heavenly Father wants us to do.“

Eta’s Favorites

Place: The tide pools on her island, where she likes to swim

Story about Jesus: When He was resurrected

Primary song: “Love Is Spoken Here” (Children’s Songbook, 190–91).


Color: Purple

Subject in school: Math

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/07 Jul

Illustrations by Sammie Francis