Show and Tell
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“Show and Tell,” Friend, July 2021

Show and Tell

Young Boy

I asked my mom if I could ride my scooter. She said I could only ride it around the block. I went a little further and got lost. I felt scared and said a prayer. Afterward, I recognized some places and knew I was near my house. I am grateful Heavenly Father helped me.

Jack S., age 9, Masovia, Poland

Young girl portrait

I made the choice to be baptized and am glad I did! Making right choices is important.

Alicia P., age 9, Masovia, Poland

Young Boy

I know I was choosing the right and following Jesus Christ’s example by being baptized. I felt happy and warm afterwards. I love my Savior.

Zion M., age 9, Waikato, New Zealand


My dad ministers to a man who is blind. I wanted to do something for him. My dad helped me safely poke a special message into cardboard so the man could trace it with his fingers. It read, “Jesus loves you.” I went with my dad to give it to him. The man was surprised and happy when he felt the letters.

Amber F., age 6, Utah, USA

Boys and Bows and Arrows

We felt like Nephi when we made our bows.

Neil and Aaron H., ages 8 and 10, Alaska, USA


My school did remote learning for a while because of COVID-19. I made a model of a Nephite temple in between my classes.

Samuel J., age 9, Ohio, USA


We love our Savior and always remember Him.

Vianca and Avril V., ages 10 and 6, Cundinamarca, Colombia


Meredith B., age 7, North Carolina, USA

Child's drawing - Temple

“I Love to See the Temple,” Clara B., age 11, Minnesota, USA

Second Coming

“The Second Coming,” Santiago C., age 11, Santiago, Chile


Emerson G., age 8, Washington, USA