Dear Friends
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“Dear Friends,” Friend, July 2021

Dear Friends,

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/07 Jul

Before you were born, you lived with your heavenly parents. Heavenly Father made a plan for all of us to come to earth to learn and grow. This is the plan of happiness. Jesus Christ showed us the way when He came to earth. As you choose to follow Him, you are choosing to follow Heavenly Father’s plan. You are growing to be like the Savior!

Go to page 2 to learn more about the plan of happiness. Then play the game on page 24.


The Friend

Where We Read the Friend

African Boys

Denzel B. and Elba E., ages 8 and 9, read the Friend in English at home and at church in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

We Love to See the Temple


Abraham, Fernando, and Enoc T., ages 7, 10, and 5, visited the Guadalajara Mexico Temple with their parents.

Jesus’s Sheep


I enjoyed the activity to blow the sheep to Jesus from the Come, Follow Me ideas (Sept. 2020).

Ari S., age 4, Texas, USA