My Baptism Day

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“My Baptism Day,” Friend, February 2021

My Baptism Day

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/02 Feb

Make Your Own Baptism Book!

  1. Carefully take out these two pages from the magazine.

  2. Cut the ends off each side.

  3. Fold the page in half. Tape, staple, or lightly glue the open sides together.

  4. Fold again so the title of the booklet is on the front. Now you have something to help you remember your special day!

It’s a New Day for Me!

A new promise with Heavenly Father

A new member of Jesus Christ’s Church

A new path to walk throughout my life

My Baptism:


I was baptized by:

The witnesses were

What was special to me

My Baptism Promise to Heavenly Father:

To love and serve Him all my life

To keep His commandments and repent when I do something wrong

To follow Jesus Christ and always remember Him

To comfort people and help them carry their burdens

Heavenly Father’s Promise to Me:

To love and help me all my life

To forgive me when I repent

To give me the gift of the Holy Ghost

My Confirmation:


I was confirmed by:

What was special to me:

Illustration by Apryl Stott