Jesus Shared the Gospel

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“Jesus Shared the Gospel,” Friend, February 2021

Helping Like Jesus

Jesus Shared the Gospel

Savior and the loaves of bread

People are hungry when their body needs food. They are hungry in a different way when they need to hear the gospel.

One day thousands of people came to see Jesus. Jesus fed them all with just five loaves of bread and a few fish.

The next day, the people came to Jesus again. Jesus told them to look for a different kind of bread. “I am the bread of life,” He said. If people find Him and His gospel, their spirits will never be hungry again.

One time I told my friend, “I go to church and learn about our Savior Jesus Christ.” Later she started coming to church with us. She said she would like to get baptized very soon! That made me happy inside.

Mary E., age 8, Utah, USA

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/02 Feb

Illustration by Peter Francis