My Baptism Promise

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“My Baptism Promise,” Friend, February 2021

My Baptism Promise

Lovingly [quarter note] = 108

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/02 Feb

1. Jesus loved His Heavenly Father

And obeyed Him perfectly,

Joining John in Jordan’s water,

Baptized by authority.

He showed the way; I’ll follow Him

From the water to my heav’nly home again.

2. When I’m baptized by immersion,

I commit to be like Him,

Love and comfort those in need and

Stand for Christ wherever I am.

The Holy Ghost will guide my way

As I try to honor my Savior every day.

3. After I have made this promise,

I’ll continue faithfully

On the path of cov’nant keeping,

Seeking greater light and peace.

Repenting and remembering Him

Through the sacrament, I can feel washed clean again.