A Visit from John the Baptist

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“A Visit from John the Baptist,” Friend, February 2021

Scripture Stories

A Visit from John the Baptist

Joseph and Oliver Praying

One day Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery had a question. What was the right way to be baptized? They prayed to know the answer.

John the Baptist

An angel came. It was John the Baptist. He had baptized Jesus. He told them that they needed the priesthood to baptize people.

Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery Receiving the Aaronic Priesthood

John blessed Joseph and Oliver. He gave them the priesthood. Now they could baptize people the way Jesus was baptized.

Oliver Cowdery Baptizing Joseph Smith

Joseph baptized Oliver in the river. Then Oliver baptized Joseph. Later, many others were baptized too.

Father Baptizing Daughter

Because Heavenly Father answered Joseph Smith’s prayer, the priesthood is back on earth! I can be baptized like Jesus was.

Illustrations by Apryl Stott