Puzzle Page
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“Puzzle Page,” Friend, June 2020


Puzzle Page

Friend Magazine, 2020/06 Jun

Cartoon by Val Chadwick Bagley

Can you find one word that answers both clues in a line? The word will be spelled one way but have two different meanings. The first has been done for you. Check answers below.

  1. Someone who loves a sports team. fan This keeps you cool.

  2. Another word for “strange.” _____________________ Not an even number.

  3. Metal container for food or drink. _________________ The opposite of can’t.

  4. Uppercase letter. ___________________________ City where the government meets.

  5. Moving down really fast to avoid a dodgeball. _____________________________ “Quack!”

  6. When leaves turn red, yellow, and orange. _______________________________ To trip or stumble.

  7. Costumes, props, and applause. ____________________________ Having fun with a friend.

  8. What tape does. ________________________________ Branch from a tree, usually without leaves.

  9. Winged food for frogs. _______________________________ The quickest way to travel.

Answers: 1-fan, 2-odd, 3-can, 4-capital, 5-duck, 6-fall, 7-play, 8-stick, 9-fly