Thankful for Jesus

“Thankful for Jesus,” Friend, June 2020

Thankful for Jesus

The author lives in Utah, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2020/06 Jun

Illustration by Cory Reid

“Art time!” Miss Shirley said.

Brynn was excited. Art time was her favorite! They drew something new each class. Maybe today they would draw a slimy frog. Or a tall mountain. Or a pretty flower.

Brynn loved to draw!

“Art time will be special today,” Miss Shirley said. “We won’t all draw the same thing. You’ll each get to pick.”

Brynn smiled big. Maybe she could draw lots of different things!

“But there is one rule,” said Miss Shirley. “I want you to draw something you’re thankful for.”

What should I draw? Brynn thought. She reached into her backpack for her crayons. She was thankful for so many things! She was thankful for animals. And Mom and Dad. And the big, blue sky.

Then Brynn remembered something. It was something she learned in home evening last week. Mom said Jesus created the whole world. He made the oceans and mountains and flowers. He even made all the animals!

Then Brynn knew what she was thankful for most of all. She started drawing.

When they were done, everyone shared their drawings. There was an ice-cream cone. A family. A pair of skates.

Then it was Brynn’s turn. She walked to the front. She held her drawing up high.

“I’m thankful for Jesus,” she said.

Brynn had a warm feeling in her heart. It felt good to be thankful.