My Cooking Goal
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“My Cooking Goal,” Friend, June 2020

Children and Youth

My Cooking Goal

Friend Magazine, 2020/06 Jun

Photographs by Jonas Rebicki

I wanted to get better at cooking. So when I got my Children’s Guidebook, I set a goal to cook with my dad. Whenever my father would cook, I watched him and saw how cool it was. I wanted to learn to cook like him.

My dad and I went to the store to buy ingredients. Then he taught me step by step how to turn flour into a beautiful cake. Later he also taught me how to make other things.

Working on this goal has helped me be closer to my dad. I love spending time with him! He has been a great teacher. One thing he taught me was that when we’re cooking, I can’t be distracted on my cell phone!

Now when I think of cooking, the feeling that explodes inside me is joy, because I love cooking! This goal helps me not only do something I love but grow spiritually too. I like that I get to choose my own goals. Heavenly Father wants to help me with this goal because He wants me to grow my talents. He wants to help me because He knows it makes me happy.