Hello from Germany!
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“Hello from Germany!” Friend, June 2020

Hello from Germany!

Friend Magazine, 2020/06 Jun

Illustrations by Katie McDee

Germany, or Deutschland, is a country in central Europe. It has forests and rivers, mountains and beaches, and villages and big cities. Around 13 million children live in Germany.

Germany has about 20,000 castles. Many are hundreds of years old. This is a famous one called Neuschwanstein.

Germany has two temples, one in Freiberg and one in Frankfurt.

Girls and boys enjoy going to Primary.

Sauerkraut, sausage, and Spätzle (noodles) are popular foods in Germany.

Germany is famous for its Christmas markets. Families love to look at the beautiful lights and eat tasty treats!

Here’s what the Children’s Guidebook looks like in German. How are you using your guidebook?

On the first day of school, each child gets a satchel, a pencil case, and a Schultüte (school cone) filled with sweets and little presents.

Meet some of our friends from Germany!

My favorite Book of Mormon story is when Christ visits and teaches the people. I want to follow Christ’s commandment to not judge. The more I read about the Savior’s teachings, the more I feel His love and peace.

Lelia A., age 10, Franconia, Germany

I know if I keep the commandments, I have the assurance and security of staying on the path that leads to God. I can always know that I did something right when I feel the Holy Ghost.

Kaleb A., age 12, Franconia, Germany

Are you from Germany? Write to us! We would love to hear from you.