Abish Shared the Gospel
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“Abish Shared the Gospel,” Friend, June 2020

Scripture Stories

Abish Shared the Gospel

Read about this story in Alma 18–19.


Illustrations by Apryl Stott

A woman named Abish worked for the king and queen. She believed in God. Most people around her did not believe in God. One day she saw a missionary named Ammon teaching the king and queen about God and Jesus Christ.


When the king and queen learned about the gospel, they were so happy! They fell down and didn’t move. Abish knew that they were feeling the power of God.


Abish wanted everyone to learn about God. So she ran from house to house and told people to come and see what had happened.


After the crowd gathered, Abish helped the queen stand up. Then the queen helped the king stand up. They started teaching people about the gospel.

Children in the rain with umbrellas

I can be like Abish. I can help other people learn about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

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Abish Had Faith in God

Liahona Magazine, 2020/06 Jun