Show and Tell
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“Show and Tell,” Friend, March 2020

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2020/03 Mar

I was having a play date with my friend when she saw a picture on my wall. She asked who was in the picture. I said it was Jesus. I am grateful I know about Jesus and was able to share that with my friend.

Annabelle W., age 6, New Jersey, USA

When my dog, Tucker, died, I was sad for a long time. I prayed that I wouldn’t be sad, and after a few days I felt better. I knew it was a gift from Heavenly Father.

Jayne D., age 7, Virginia, USA

I did this project to help me remember my ancestors.

Matthew H., age 10, Utah, USA

I comfort others by giving them a hug when they are sad.

Anna R., age 11, Missouri, USA

I was playing video games when my dad turned off the TV for home evening. Ugh! I thought. In home evening, we learned about John the Baptist. Later that night, thinking about what I learned made me feel good inside.

Alex J., age 9, Kansas, USA

When I was baptized, I felt very happy to take this great step, knowing that by being baptized and confirmed I was following Jesus.

Sary Del Mar R., age 8, Calle del Cauca, Colombia

We should pray to Heavenly Father to help us.

Yohann P., age 8, Brittany, France

My sister made a mistake in her new church activity book and needed a new one. I hadn’t done anything in mine, so I gave my book to her. I knew Jesus would share too!

Elizabeth M., age 7, Glasgow, Scotland

We made Mother’s Day cards for our mum. We like making cards for Mum and Dad!

Levi and Nolan Q., ages 6 and 8, Staffordshire, England