I Like to Be a Friend
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“I Like to Be a Friend,” Friend, March 2020

Kindness Counts

I Like to Be a Friend

Friend Magazine, 2020/03 Mar

Illustration by Katie Payne

One day at recess, my friend Brooklyn and I saw a younger girl from another grade sitting next to the wall, crying.

“What’s wrong?” Brooklyn asked.

“I don’t have any friends to play with,” the girl sniffed.

She told us her friends had moved away. Now she didn’t know anyone in her grade to play with. I felt bad for her. I knew how it felt to lose a friend.

“We know how you feel,” Brooklyn told the girl.

“Maybe after school you could talk to your mom,” I said.

The girl nodded.

“Do you have a journal or diary to write in? It helps,” I said.

We spent the rest of recess talking and giving her tips on how to make new friends.

The bell rang, and we had to leave to go back to class. I felt the Spirit helping her, and I knew I did what Jesus wanted me to do.