Praying for Uncle Dan

“Praying for Uncle Dan,” Friend, March 2020

Praying for Uncle Dan

Friend Magazine, 2020/03 Mar

Illustrations by Holly Jones

Isabelle loved to pray! In the morning she said a “good morning” prayer. She thanked Heavenly Father for the sunshine and a new day.

At lunchtime Isabelle told Heavenly Father about her day so far. She prayed for help to be nice to her sisters when they got home from school.

At bedtime Isabelle’s family prayed together. They always started by talking about people who might need extra blessings.

Tonight Daddy said, “Please pray for Uncle Dan. He lost his job.”

Isabelle felt sad. She didn’t know a lot about grown-up work, but she knew that losing a job was bad. She loved her uncle. He made yummy popcorn. And last time he came over, he showed her how to do a cartwheel!

“I’ll pray for him to find a job,” Maria said. She was one of Isabelle’s older sisters. It was her turn to pray out loud for the family.

The next day, Isabelle asked Daddy if Uncle Dan found a job yet.

“Not yet,” Daddy said. “Sometimes prayers aren’t answered right away.”

“So should we keep praying for him?” Isabelle asked.

Daddy nodded. “That would mean a lot to Uncle Dan.”

Every day, Isabelle and her sisters prayed for Uncle Dan. They prayed for him to find a job. They prayed for him to have enough money. They prayed for him to feel loved.

Isabelle was glad she could help Uncle Dan with her prayers. Praying for him made her happy.

Her family helped Uncle Dan in other ways too. One day they helped Uncle Dan clean his house. Another day, Isabelle and Mommy stopped by to watch a movie with Uncle Dan.

Weeks went by. Finally Daddy had good news.

“Uncle Dan has two job interviews this week!” Daddy said.

Isabelle felt happy. She was glad she could pray for the people she loved.