Lily’s First Calling
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“Lily’s First Calling,” Friend, March 2020

Lily’s First Calling

The author lives in Colorado, USA.

Lily was brand new to Young Women. How could she be class president?

“By love serve one another” (Galatians 5:13).

Friend Magazine, 2020/03 Mar

Illustrations by Alyssa Tallent

“I don’t know if I can do this new calling,” Lily whispered to Mom. They were waiting outside the bishop’s office after church.

Lily had just been called as president for her Young Women class. She was excited. But also really scared. She had just turned 11 in December and was the youngest girl in her class. How could she be the president?

Lily looked down at her lap and noticed she had torn up the paper she was holding. She always did that when she was nervous. Little pieces of paper were all over her dress.

“I’ve only been in Young Women for a few months!” Lily said, biting her lip. “I don’t know how to be a leader.”

“It’s OK to be nervous,” Mom said. “But you’ll do great!” She grabbed Lily’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “Remember when you took cookies to Amanda?”

Lily nodded. A few months ago, Lily’s friend Amanda was sick with the flu. Lily baked cookies for Amanda and made a big word search for her to do so she wouldn’t be bored.

“Yes,” Lily said. “But what does that have to do with being a good class president?”

Mom helped Lily clean up the torn pieces of paper.

“Because,” she said, “you had a good idea, and you followed through. You care about people. That’s a big part of being a good leader!”

“Really?” Lily asked.

“Really,” Mom said, smiling. “Jesus was the perfect leader because He cared about people and helped them. You can try to do that too.”

Lily grinned. She hadn’t thought of that. She took a deep breath. “Thanks, Mom.”

Bishop Roston stepped out of his office. “Are you ready, Lily?”

She nodded. Together, she and Mom went into the bishop’s office.

Lily sat in a chair while Bishop Roston and his counselor put their hands on her head. They set her apart for her new calling and gave her a blessing. Lily listened carefully to the words.

During the blessing, Bishop Roston told her to always listen to the Spirit and to her heart. He also told her that if she was faithful and prayed to Heavenly Father, He would help her know what to do.

Lily felt peaceful as she heard those words. She knew that feeling was from the Holy Ghost.

After the blessing, Lily shook hands with the bishop and his counselor.

“Lily, you are kind, and you’re capable. You will be able to bless the girls in your class,” Bishop Roston said, smiling.

“Thank you,” Lily said. “I’ll do my best!”

As she turned to leave, Lily noticed a picture of Jesus on Bishop Roston’s desk. I can help people too! she thought.

On the way home, Lily thought of ways she could help the girls in her class. She thought about Suzanne, who had broken her arm on her trampoline last week.

I bet Suzanne could use some love right now, she thought.

“Can I visit Suzanne tonight?” Lily asked Mom. “I have an idea about something I can do for her!”

After all, Lily thought with a smile, that’s what Jesus would do. President Lily was ready to serve!