I Can Pray Like Enos
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“I Can Pray Like Enos,” Friend, March 2020

I Can Pray Like Enos

Friend Magazine, 2020/03 Mar

Illustrations by Adam Koford

Enos prayed all day and felt God’s love! Read about it in Enos 1 in the Book of Mormon or in the story “Enos Prayed” on page FJ4.

When You Pray:

  • Start with “Dear Heavenly Father …”

  • Thank Him for blessings.

  • Tell Him about your feelings or questions.

  • Ask Him for help with what you need, or pray for others who need help.

  • End with “In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

  • Take time to listen to the Holy Ghost.

You don’t need to pray all day to feel God’s love for you. You can feel it through thoughts or feelings. Sometimes answers take time. But God always hears you!

Glue or tape these pictures in a small box or on a piece of cardboard to make a scene of Enos’s story.