Six Ways to Feel Better

    “Six Ways to Feel Better,” Friend, February 2020

    Six Ways to Feel Better

    Friend Magazine, 2020/02 Feb

    When you’re upset, color the face that matches how you feel, or draw a new face. Then color the ideas for feeling better. Try one of the ideas!

    • I feel angry.

    • I feel scared.

    • I feel sad.

    • I feel worried.

    • I feel ______________.

    • Slowly breathe in and out. Let your body relax.

    • Write in a journal or color a picture about how you feel.

    • Try an activity that gets your body moving.

    • Talk to someone about how you feel.

    • Be kind to yourself. Try to think nice thoughts about yourself.

    • Say a prayer and read a few scriptures. God loves you, no matter what!