Scriptures Boats

“Scriptures Boats,” Friend, February 2020

Scripture Boats

Friend Magazine, 2020/02 Feb

Illustrations by Jared Beckstrand

Who Am I?

Match each person with their story.

  1. God warned me He was going to flood the earth. He told me to build a huge ship called an ark so my family and the animals could survive.

  2. We were on a boat with Jesus when a storm came. Jesus calmed the wind and the waves.

  3. My brother and I built ships to travel to a promised land. I asked God to make stones glow to give us light in our ships.

  4. Our boat couldn’t land because the harbor was frozen! I led our group in prayer asking God for help. The ice broke long enough for our boat to pass through.

  • Jesus’s disciples

  • Lucy Mack Smith

  • The brother of Jared

  • Noah

Nephi Builds a Ship

Use this script to act out parts of 1 Nephi 17.

Narrator: After Nephi’s family traveled through the wilderness, they came to an ocean. The Lord told Nephi to make tools and build a ship.

[Nephi is building. Laman and Lemuel walk over.]

Nephi: Brothers, come help me build our boat!

Laman: No! You don’t know how to build something like that.

Lemuel: You are foolish, like our father.

Nephi: The Lord will lead us to a promised land, just like He led the people of Moses. I’m sad you don’t believe God’s promises.

Laman: [angrily turning to Lemuel] Let’s throw him in the ocean!

[Laman and Lemuel try to grab Nephi, but Nephi steps back.]

Nephi: I can do anything God commands me to do.

[Nephi stretches his hand toward Laman and Lemuel. They start shaking and fall on their knees.]

Laman: I felt the power of the Lord!

Lemuel: I did too! It made me shake!

[Nephi helps them to their feet.]

Nephi: I hope you will believe in God. Now let’s finish this boat together.

Narrator: Nephi and his family finished their ship and sailed to the promised land.

Build Your Own

Here are some ideas for making different kinds of boats. What ideas can you come up with?

  • Use half of an avocado skin as the main part of a ship.

  • Glue or tape craft sticks together to make a floating raft.

  • Fold a boat out of paper.

  • Use sticks and paper to decorate a sailing sponge.