Free Dinosaur Hugs
February 2020

“Free Dinosaur Hugs,” Friend, February 2020

Free Dinosaur Hugs

The author lives in Utah, USA.

two dinosaurs and a boy hugging grandma

Illustrations by Mark Robison

David, Mom, and Grandma got out of the car. David was holding two toy dinosaurs. He made noises like they were roaring at each other.

“Don’t forget Grandma’s cane,” Mom said.

“OK,” David said. He got the cane. He gave it to Grandma.

“Thank you,” she said. Usually her smile was big. But today it was small.

They went inside. Grandma said she needed to take a nap. David played with his dinosaurs in the kitchen. Mom made dinner.

“Is Grandma sad?” David asked.

“She is missing her friends,” Mom said. “Now that she lives with us, she doesn’t see them very much.”

I would miss my friends if I couldn’t see them, David thought. He wanted Grandma to be happy.

Then David had an idea. He got his markers. He made a big card. He drew lots of dinosaurs on it.

“Mom,” David said. “Can you help me write some words?”

“Sure,” Mom said.

When they finished, David took the card to Grandma’s room. He knocked softly on the door.

“Come in,” Grandma said. She was lying on the bed, but she wasn’t asleep.

“I made you a present,” David said.

Grandma opened the card. She read, “Free hugs every day! From, David and the dinosaurs.”

Grandma smiled a big smile. “Thank you, David,” she said. “I love hugs. But the dinosaurs don’t need to hug me. Just you.”

David laughed. He gave Grandma a big hug. He loved his grandma!