A Kind Primary Class

    “A Kind Primary Class,” Friend, February 2020

    Kindness Counts

    A Kind Primary Class

    Jayden P., age 10, Idaho, USA

    boy in a Primary class

    Illustrations by Ben Rowberry

    Once I went to a family reunion in another state. It was a lot of fun. When Sunday came, I was nervous to go to a different ward. The only people I knew at church were my family. I wanted to stay home, but I knew going to church was important.

    When we got to Primary, my nervous feeling went away a little. I started to feel comfortable with the other kids. They shared their scriptures with me, they talked to me, and they helped me answer questions. We became friends.

    I was glad I went to church and thankful that everyone was so nice to me. I hope I get to go to that ward and see my friends sometime again.