For Older Kids
February 2020

“For Older Kids,” Friend, February 2020

For Older Kids

service challenge and art challenge

Illustrations by Thomas S. Child

Brain Teaser

What goes up but never goes down? (See answer below.)

Family History Corner

Use an online map to explore places where your parents, grandparents, or ancestors lived.

A New Friend

There was a new kid at my school in my grade, and I knew he would feel good if he had a friend. So I went over and introduced myself and got to know him. I found out he was pretty cool. I’m glad I could minister and be a good friend.

Gerad J., age 11, Arizona, USA

A Look Inside the Temple

Some temples have paintings on the walls to remind us of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s beautiful creations. The temple in this photo took 40 years to build and is now closed for renovation. Can you guess which temple it is? (See answer below.)

Secret Service!

  • Return someone’s cart at the grocery store.

  • Visit elderly people in a nursing home.

  • Bring a treat to a neighbor. Ring the doorbell and run away before they see you!

Art Challenge

Draw a parrot from an upside-down raindrop. Thanks to Nathaniel T. for the idea!

Send in your idea for an art challenge!

Answers: Your age, Salt Lake Temple