The Pizza Problem: Solved!

    “The Pizza Problem: Solved!” Friend, January 2020

    The Pizza Problem: Solved!

    The author lives in New York, USA.

    What can we do on Sunday to show that it’s a special day?

    “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8).

    a big pizza with a slice out of it

    Illustrations by Karly Jade Catto

    Jake loved Sundays! He loved learning about Jesus. He loved singing in Primary.

    And he loved pizza.

    Every Sunday, Jake’s family stopped at a pizza place on their way home from church. Thinking about the gooey cheese and warm tomato sauce always made his mouth water.

    One Sunday, Jake’s class was talking about keeping the Sabbath day holy.

    “What can we do on Sunday to show that it’s a special day?” Sister Chi asked.

    “Help other people?” Raul said.

    “Go to church!” Tamara said.

    “Spend time with our family,” Jake said.

    “Those are all great answers,” Sister Chi said, writing them on the board. “Anything else?”

    “We don’t go shopping on Sunday unless it’s an emergency,” Liam said.

    “That’s right,” Sister Chi said, nodding. “Then we can think about Heavenly Father instead of thinking about buying things. Also, that helps other people keep the Sabbath day holy instead of having to work.”

    Sister Chi and the other kids kept talking, but suddenly Jake found it hard to listen. His family never went to the mall or the grocery store on Sunday. But they did go out for pizza. Were they keeping the Sabbath day holy?

    When class ended, Jake went to find his parents. For the first time, he wasn’t very excited to eat pizza.

    Mom met him in the hallway with his little brother, Daniel. She led them outside to the car, where Dad was waiting.

    “How was church?” she asked once they were all buckled in.

    “Great! I learned a new song in Primary,” Daniel said, singing what he could remember. Jake stayed quiet, looking down at his shoes.

    “What about you, Jake?” Dad said.

    “It was OK,” Jake mumbled without looking up.

    “What did you learn about?” Mom asked.

    “The Sabbath day,” Jake said.

    “We learned about that too,” Dad said, glancing over at Mom. “Actually, we wanted to talk with you guys about—”

    “Should we be buying pizza on Sunday?” Jake blurted out. He didn’t want to ruin their family tradition. But he wanted them to keep the Sabbath day holy too.

    Mom looked back at him, surprised.

    “That’s exactly what we wanted to talk about,” Mom said. “We realized that eating at the pizza place probably isn’t the best thing to do on the Sabbath.”

    “But can we still have pizza on Sundays?” Daniel asked.

    “Sure. We’ll eat something else today,” Dad said. “From now on I’ll buy a frozen pizza on Saturday. Then we can bake it at home on Sunday.”

    “Can we try different toppings on it?” Jake said. “Like olives and peppers shaped in a smiley face?”

    “Yeah! With a pineapple nose?” Daniel added.

    “Ha! You got it,” Mom said.

    Jake felt a big grin spread across his face. The warm feeling he had inside was worth all the pizza in the world.