Show and Tell: Book of Mormon Edition!

    “Show and Tell: Book of Mormon Edition!” Friend, January 2020

    Show and Tell: Book of Mormon Edition!

    quotes and drawings from kids

    Lucia and Ezra M., ages 9 and 6, Missouri, USA like to read the Book of Mormon with their family. It makes them feel happy and peaceful.

    Since President Nelson’s Book of Mormon challenge, Jojra S., age 10, British Columbia, Canada, gets up and reads before school. She asked her family to pray that she wouldn’t forget to read each morning.

    Our bishop challenged us to read the Book of Mormon as a family. We got behind, but we still finished. We were blessed, and it was fun to read it! We took turns reading a few verses every night and prayed together at the end to know if the Book of Mormon is true. We went to dinner and ice skating to celebrate.

    Magnolia, Juniper, and Curtis B., age 7, 3, and 5, Utah, USA

    I read to my sister, Ella, every morning before school. We put a cotton ball in a jar each time we read. We’ll celebrate with a family activity when it’s full. I feel blessed when I read the scriptures with my sister.

    Sophia S., age 10, Connecticut, USA

    My mum set me a challenge to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. I read about three to four chapters a day. I believe the Book of Mormon is true because I could feel the Holy Ghost with me. I’m up to my second time reading it.

    Jordan M., age 8, New South Wales, Australia

    We love the Book of Mormon. It’s our favorite book because it teaches about Jesus Christ.

    Rachel and Skylar W., ages 3 and 5, Arizona, USA

    I like reading the Book of Mormon because Jesus is in it.

    Braden V., age 5, Washington, USA

    One of my favorite scripture stories in the Book of Mormon is when Jesus is teaching the people.

    William B., age 9, Minnesota, USA

    When President Nelson asked the women in the Church to read the Book of Mormon, our family decided to read it together. We read it before school each day. It took a while, but we finished just before the end of the year. Now I listen better at church and I am reading better at school too.

    Eli C., age 7, California, USA