The Best Hug Ever!

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“The Best Hug Ever!” Friend, January 2020

The Best Hug Ever!

The author lives in Utah, USA

Friend Magazine, 2020/01 Jan

Illustrations by Elise Black

Ellie loved hugs. Hugs from Dad. Hugs from Grandma and Grandpa. Hugs from Mom. Hugs made her feel warm. And safe. And happy.

That’s why Ellie hugged Mom during church. She loved sitting on Mom’s lap. Mom always held her close.

Then sacrament meeting ended. It was time for Primary. Ellie loved Primary. She was a big girl now. Three years old! She even had her own scriptures!

But today Ellie just wanted to keep hugging Mom forever.

Mom carried Ellie down the hall. In the Primary room, Mom sat Ellie down on a chair.

“Can I go with you?” Ellie said.

“No,” Mom said. Her voice was kind. “You need to be in your class,” she said. “And I need to be in my class.”

Mom kissed Ellie’s cheek. Then she walked out the door.

Ellie felt tears rolling down her cheeks.

She thought about Mom holding her. Mom always held her when they read the Book of Mormon. They usually read with the family. Sometimes Ellie and Mom read by themselves.

Ellie picked up her Book of Mormon. Inside was a picture of Jesus.

Ellie closed the book and hugged it. She felt like she was hugging Jesus. She felt warm. And safe. And happy. It was the best hug ever!