The Book of Mormon Tells of Christ

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“The Book of Mormon Tells of Christ,” Friend, January 2020

The Book of Mormon Tells of Christ

Brightly [quarter note] = 72

Friend Magazine, 2020/01 Jan

1. When Lehi listened to the Lord,

And his family left their home and riches,

His sons returned back home again

So they could get the scriptures.

2. So Lehi’s people knew the Lord,

As the plates of brass helped them remember.

When they obeyed the prophet’s voice,

They prospered all together.

3. The Savior visited their land

After He had risen in His glory.

He blessed the children just like me;

I love to read their story.

The Book of Mormon tells of Christ

And helps me feel the Holy Spirit.

Heavenly Father’s voice is calling me,

And the scriptures help me hear it.