Service Survey

    “Service Survey,” Friend, March 2019


    Service Survey

    illustrations of kind things to do

    Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley

    Do you ever get stuck trying to come up with ways to help people? Here’s a quick “service survey” you could use!

    How can I help you today? Should I …

    • Make you a sandwich? or Bring you a drink?

    • Take out the trash? or Make your bed?

    • Read a book with you? or Watch a TV show with you?

    • Help you with homework? or Teach you something fun I know how to do?

    • Listen to you tell a story? or Tell you a funny joke?

    • Do your least favorite chore? or Play your favorite board game with you?

    • Pray with you? or Read a scripture with you?

    • Go for a walk with you? or Do a silly dance with you?

    That should get you started. What other questions could you ask?