Service Survey

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“Service Survey,” Friend, March 2019


Service Survey

Friend Magazine, 2019/03 Mar

Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley

Do you ever get stuck trying to come up with ways to help people? Here’s a quick “service survey” you could use!

How can I help you today? Should I …

  • Make you a sandwich? or Bring you a drink?

  • Take out the trash? or Make your bed?

  • Read a book with you? or Watch a TV show with you?

  • Help you with homework? or Teach you something fun I know how to do?

  • Listen to you tell a story? or Tell you a funny joke?

  • Do your least favorite chore? or Play your favorite board game with you?

  • Pray with you? or Read a scripture with you?

  • Go for a walk with you? or Do a silly dance with you?

That should get you started. What other questions could you ask?