Being Honest Is Best

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“Being Honest Is Best,” Friend, March 2019

Being Honest Is Best

Friend Magazine, 2019/03 Mar

Illustration by Kathryn Mitter

Verity loves her name. Verity’s name means “truth”! When Verity spilled her soup, she told Mom right away. Then she helped clean it up. When Verity broke her brother’s toy boat, she said, “Sorry.” She helped fix it with glue. When Verity colored on the wall, she told Dad. Now she only colors on paper. Verity feels good when she tells the truth. Verity knows being honest is best!

Circle the Truth

Friend Magazine, 2019/03 Mar

Circle the letters used to spell TRUTH in the picture below. Then practice writing the word TRUTH.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Bonus: Verity’s favorite color is green. How many green things can you find in this picture?