Who Will Come to My Party?

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“Who Will Come to My Party?” Friend, March 2019

Who Will Come to My Party?

Friend Magazine, 2019/03 Mar

Illustrations by Priscilla Lamont

“Mom,” Enzo asked, “can I have a cake shaped like a turtle for my birthday party?”

Mom smiled. “Probably. But your birthday isn’t for five months!”

“I know. Can we have a water fight at my birthday party too?”

“Sure,” Mom said.

“It will be fun! We can wear swimsuits!” Enzo said.

“That does sound fun.”

“Can I invite Matt and David and Arlo?” Enzo asked.

Mom paused. “Well, we can send them invitations. But we’re moving to Texas soon, remember? And your friends will stay in Arizona.”

Enzo frowned. He didn’t want his friends to miss his birthday! “Then who will come to my party?”

Mom gave him a big hug. “You will make friends in Texas too. When it’s your birthday, we’ll invite them. We will have a fun party with your new friends.”

“And have a turtle cake?”

Mom laughed. “And have a turtle cake.”

Enzo felt a little better. But he was still worried.

That night Enzo prayed with Mom. He asked Heavenly Father to help him find friends in Texas. Then Enzo thought about Uncle Carlos. Uncle Carlos lived in Texas! He was lots of fun to play with. Enzo had an idea.

“Mom, can I invite Uncle Carlos to my party?”

“That’s a great idea!” Mom said.

“Can I call him right now?”

Mom laughed. She pulled out her phone and called Uncle Carlos.

Enzo heard the phone ring, and ring, and—

“Hello?” It was Uncle Carlos!

“Hi, Uncle Carlos,” said Enzo. “Can you come to my birthday party? It’s in September.”

“That sounds great!” said Uncle Carlos. “I will put it on my calendar. I’m excited to see you in Texas!”

Enzo was so happy. He could hardly wait for his birthday. He already had a great friend in Texas.