Show and Tell

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“Show and Tell,” Friend, March 2019

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2019/03 Mar

Primary children in Staffordshire, England, visited the Preston England Temple on a stake temple day. They had fun exploring the temple grounds and learning more about the temple.

When I go to church

I feel the Spirit strongly.

I know God loves me.

Mosiah N., age 11, Washington, USA

I like to play the piano at activity days to bring the Spirit to our meeting.

Maris G., age 10, Indiana, USA

I love playing soccer, but sometimes my friends like to goof off. At practice one day, some friends were kicking other people’s soccer balls. I prayed to have the courage to speak up. I told them we should listen to our coach. I realized that when our team doesn’t listen during practices, we have a hard time in our games.

Aiden K., age 7, Utah, USA

I try to be a good and kind friend and help other people. I like to help my nana with her weeding.

Lathan S., age 7, Victoria, Australia

My sister has cerebral palsy and can’t talk or walk. I serve her each day by feeding her, playing with her, and making her laugh. I know when I serve her, I’m serving Heavenly Father.

Ensign T., age 10, Utah, USA

My baptism was very special to me because my mom and I prayed that my dad would give me permission to be baptized. Heavenly Father answered my prayers, and my dad gave me permission.

Trisha V., age 9, El Oro, Ecuador [this quote is taken from Our Page.]

I use kind words to uplift others.

Jessica H., age 11, Western Australia, Australia

I helped my brother do chores.

Nate H., age 9, Alberta, Canada

At school, I noticed trash on the playground. So I asked my principal if I could pick up the trash with a friend. I am glad I am being a good citizen.

Ellea D., age 10, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

I like to read the scriptures and also learn about the prophets.

Heber M., age 7, Somerset, England