Friends by Mail

    “Friends by Mail,” Friend, March 2019

    Friends by Mail

    letters from kids

    Keep Paddling!

    Lauren H., age 10, Idaho, USA, made the rowing crew from “Keep Paddling” (Sep. 2018).




    I love it

    Easy to read

    Nice stories

    Do fun things

    Trenton L., age 8, Utah, USA

    Good Thoughts

    I enjoy reading the Friend every night so that I will have good thoughts when I go to bed. I love how your stories are fun but always have the best lesson. I can’t wait till the next Friend.

    Bella M., age 7, Kentucky, USA

    Dear Friends,

    All over the world, there are kids like you who follow Jesus Christ! This year, we’re visiting a different country each month. We’ve already been to the Philippines and Mexico. Join us as we visit Italy on pages 14–17! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    Bon voyage!

    The Friend

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